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If your child has trouble sleeping, it affects the entire family. The step to seek help is often enormous. This is absolutely not necessary, we are here to help you! We work with various proven successful methods. Because every situation is unique and you want results, but in a way that suits your child and makes you feel good. 

Are you looking for a program with daily guidance or do you have a smaller sleep question and would you like a sleep consult? During a no-obligation introductory meeting we will discuss what is needed and how we can help you. 

In addition to private sleep coaching, we also give workshops and presentations. Read more about that here.


€475 *

  • 15 minutes introduction by phone

  • 1,5 hour consultation* on working days between 9 am and 5 pm

  • Personalized sleepplan for your child(ren)

  • Daily personal coaching for approx. 2 weeks (Mon-Fri)

  • Finishing call with information & tips to be "sleep-proof" in the future!


€575 *

  • 15 minutes introduction by phone

  • 2 hour consultation* also possible to schedule in the evening on workdays

  • Personalized sleepplan for your child(ren)

  • 2 x (video) calls of 30 minutes

  • Daily personal coaching for approx. 2 weeks (Mon-Sat)

  • Finishing call with information & tips to be "sleep-proof" in the future!


  • extra week monitoring sleeplog €75,- 

  • extra child within family sleepcoaching €150,-

  • extra charge twins €75,-

  • intake or consult in the evening on-off extra €25,-

  • 30 min. mini consultation if you have a burning follow-up question or want refresh your sleepcoaching skills €50,-


* prices include VAT

* the consultation takes place via a video call or at your home. Travel time and travel costs are not included.


60 min - €120 *

When sleeptraining is too much, but you do want help with the sleeping behavior of your child, you can also book a single sleep consultation. Before the consultation, you complete an extensive questionnaire. During the call you will get insights and knowledge about the sleep behavior and what important is in your situation. We will discuss tips and tricks that you can take with you and work on for yourself!

You can book a sleep consultation for example when you need support with the transition of naps, daylightsaving-time, or if you have questions or doubts, but you do not want to do a full sleeptraining. This consult comes without a written sleepplan.


75 min + 2 additional contact moments for €195 *

Tip: great as a babyshower gift

To help you as a new or soon-to-be parent to provide a strong foundation for sleep for your baby, you can book a newborn consultation. You learn about healthy sleep skills that will last a lifetime!

  • During the 75 min (online or at your place*) consultation we talk about the importance of sleep, the development of sleep during the first months, sleep-environment, sleep-associations, safe sleep and you receive valuable tips and tricks for the first months to create healthy sleephabits.

  • Next to that you receive 2 follow-up calls of 15 min that you can schedule in the period until your baby is 4 months old. 

  • You also receive a handout of everything that we talked about to read back on a later time. 



~ Workshop for pedagogical staff 
Topics: daytime naps, rhythm, communication and how to support parents.

~ Workshop for parents 
Topics: impact & importance of sleep, development of sleep in the first 5 years, healthy sleeping habits, discuss personal cases. We tackle some of the most common sleep problems and how to solve them.

~ Individual tailor-made workshop
Together we discuss your wishes and make a suitable proposal.

A workshop can be given both online and at location. 
A workshop lasts approximately 2 hours. Do you want to know more? Please feel free to contact us for more information and prices.

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